posted on MON 27 JUN 2011 3:07 PM
DRC Resolution

Council members appear ready to adopt a resolution tomorrow (28 June)renewing MONUSCO’s mandate for another year. Following a first round of negotiations on the French draft last Monday (20 June) Council members at the expert level agreed that the draft resolution could be finalised by email as there were no major substative differences among members.

While there was general agreement that there was no need for major changes to MONUSCO’s mandate, there have been some additions. Language on the LRA has been expanded following requests from some members. There were some differences over how much to include of the LRA issue as some members felt the MONUSCO resolution was not the right place to fully address this. It appears there is also some additional language on development in relation to international partners in the preambular paragraph.

The language on MONUSCO’s election role appears to be very similar to last year’s resolution. There had been some attempt to have more more general and flexible language on the technical and logistical support by MONUSCO for the elections but a number of members preferred the more specific language previously used.