posted on MON 20 JUN 2011 10:43 AM
DRC Resolution

This afternoon Council members will discuss at expert level a draft resolution renewing MONUSCO’s mandate for another year. The draft was circulated by France last Wednesday (15 June). The P5 received a copy in early June. It seems that consensus was achieved fairly easily among them.

It doesn’t appear that any elected members will be pushing for substantive changes made to MONUSCO’s mandate.

A new feature of the French draft is the more general and flexible language on the technical and logistical support by MONUSCO for the elections.

Some elected members are concerned about the delays in sharing the draft. Elected members were aware that the French had a draft in early June and there appears to be some unhappiness over the fact that the P5 were given the resolution so much earlier.

A briefing on the situation in the DRC by Margot Wallström, the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, which had been postponed from May had been planned for June. However, the latest indications are that this briefing is likely to be postponed yet again due to scheduling difficulties. It now seems as if it will take place in July.